Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby! – Hardcover Children’s Picture Book


Introducing ‘Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby!’ A charming picture book by award-winning photographer and artist Gigi O’Dea. Join Millie the puppy on an enchanting journey as she meets a variety of babies and discovers the joy of friendship. Perfect for ages 1-8, this heartwarming tale is filled with captivating photography and engaging storytelling in a simple rhyming format. Ideal for dog lovers, parents, and anyone who cherishes the innocence of childhood. Order your copy today and share the smiles!


Babies love puppies, and puppies love babies too.  If you love babies and puppies, this children’s picture book is for you!

Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby! is a children’s picture book created by award-winning Master photographer and Master artist Gigi O’Dea.  Join Millie, an adorable puppy, as she goes on an adventure to meet all kinds of babies just like her! She quickly notices that human babies and dog babies are alike in a lot of ways. But she also discovers they can be very different! Tag along as she explores her world and meets new friends. See what she learns about babies and also enjoy the playful curiosity that unfolds between them. The message will teach your little ones about meeting new people and animals and that it’s okay if we all do things differently!

Known for her creative fine art style and storytelling portraits, Gigi’s captivating photography beautifully captures the innocence of being young. The classic early learning theme of discovery and exploration in young children and animals is brought to life in stunning images. With each page turned, readers will be immersed in a simple yet delightful story. This sweet tale will engage both adults and little ones alike, making it a wonderful addition to your child’s bedtime routine. As an easy to read, rhyming comparison book, it is best for babies, toddlers, and children ages 1-8.

The vivid images and heartwarming story of this children’s picture book will have you smiling from ear to ear! The perfect gift for a baby shower or just about anyone in your life who loves puppies and babies! Get your copy straightaway and check out our Artist Signature Add-On and Artist Signature with Personalized Message Add-on


Gigi O’Dea is an international award-winning photographer, best known for her creative, fine art style and powerful storytelling portraits. As a Master Photographer and Master Artist along with being awarded Photographer and Artist of the year at the local, state and national level, Gigi has over 20 years of professional experience photographing children, families and pets in her Florida studio and around the USA. The addition of a new puppy to her family sparked a new creative project and led her to create a children’s picture book series called Puppy Tales.

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