Artist Signature & Personalized Message Add-On


Add the artist’s signature and Millie’s paw print with a personalized message from Gigi to your copy of Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby!

Elevate your reading experience and own a unique piece of creativity. Own a Limited Edition Collector’s Masterpiece and personalized keepsake!


Enhance your book with a touch of artistry! Transform your copy of Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby! into limited edition collector’s masterpiece! With the addition of Gigi’s artist signature and Millie’s paw print to the inside cover, the value of your book increases and it becomes a special, one of a kind item. You’re not just getting a book; you’re acquiring a special piece of artistry. Imagine the pride of owning or gifting a limited edition item, created by an admired photographer, where every turn of the page is graced by both the artist’s AND the main character’s touch!

Don’t miss this chance to turn the simple gift of a book into a unique statement of your refined taste and a celebration of artistic brilliance. Whether purchasing a copy for yourself or as a gift, show how much you care by making it a limited edition collector’s masterpiece!

The Artist Signature add-on is available for hardcover copies of Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby!  purchased on the Gigi Fine Art Portraits website only.


Get your copy of Puppy Tales: Hello, Baby! now! (You must purchase a hardcover book to add on this item)

Take it one step further with the Artist Signature and Personalized Message add-on to craft a cherished keepsake!


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